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Option Ultrasound Directors This area is for Pregnancy Resource Centers wanting to get started in the OUP program or needing information pertinent to the program.

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Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the brink of despair."


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Ultrasound Success Stories

Here are some comments from abortion-minded clients that changed their minds after viewing an ultrasound of their baby in a pregnancy resource clinic.

  • "I instantly made a decision to follow through with pregnancy– how active the baby is without physically feeling the movement. Excellent! "

    *Brandy was referred to the PRC for an ultrasound after getting a positive pregnancy test at a PRC center. When she came to the PRC she was considering abortion because she had no support for the baby. The ultrasound showed a 13 week baby.

    Her mother and boyfriend were with her, and her mother became very tearful while viewing the image of the baby. She then admitted that she had experienced 3 abortions as a young girl and did not want her daughter to experience the same things she went through. All three of them decided at that moment to continue the pregnancy. The mother was offered post-abortion support, and the daughter was given community referrals.

  • "Will have the baby– I saw the heartbeat!! This opened my eyes and I am so excited to have this baby. The baby is safe. It (the ultrasound) changed my decision! Praise God. Will carry to term and parent."

  • "Fun! It was exciting to see my child in motion– very helpful! Wouldn’t have really given much thought about keeping (continuing the pregnancy) the baby without the care from the center. Thanks for all of your help!"

    *LeAnne came to the PRC to find out if she was pregnant. Initially at the positive test she appeared happy, and she felt her boyfriend would also be happy when she told him. She was given referrals for medical care and other community support. She called the PRC two days after her initial visit asking about how she could get an abortion.

    She was told that we did not provide referrals for abortion, however she could get a free ultrasound in our office to determine how far along she was in the pregnancy.

    When she was asked why she had changed her mind about abortion she said her boyfriend wanted her to have the abortion. At the ultrasound appointment she became very tearful and excited when viewing the ultrasound image of her baby. She said, “I know that these things are not always planned and I will definitely carry this baby even if it means I will be a single parent.”

*Names changed

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