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An Amazing 24 Hours in the Clinic

article image It's a great privilege to see God working! During the first week in October, we had several opportunities to witness this in a dramatic way. Here are the stories of seven women who came to our clinic and whose hearts were changed, all during one 24-hour period:

Amy, a 25-year-old, was considering abortion because she had just lost her job, did not expect the father of the baby to support her, and feared a baby would interfere with plans for school.

The last time she had been to our clinic, we did not see a fetal heartbeat and anticipated a possible miscarriage.

That morning our medical doctor on staff did her sonogram and we saw a little heart beating! Amy was surprised that she felt relief to see a heartbeat, and called later that day to tell us that she had decided to have her baby.

Susan, 23, was referred from another center for a sonogram. She had been considering abortion, but had changed her mind by the time she arrived. As we did her sonogram, we all enjoyed seeing her 10-week-old, actively moving baby!

Jill, a 19-year-old Muslim, told us the previous week that she was unable to cope with a new baby; she wanted to end the pregnancy. She had married in the last year and already had a new baby that was born prematurely.

Her baby was sick and very fussy, and Jill was exhausted. But on a return visit, she arrived animated and smiling. Her baby was feeling much better, and she had since changed her mind about abortion and wanted to parent her pre-born baby. She smiled as we watched her little 7-week-old child during the sonogram.

Michelle, a 34-year-old, returned because we had not been able to see her baby two weeks earlier. She was considering abortion because she already had four children, financial problems and had been exposed to X-rays. (A medical doctor had seen her at a prior visit and told her that, considering the number of X-rays, the risk of problems due to exposure was minimal.)

When we did her sonogram, she saw her almost-8-week-old baby and became tearful. She stated, “The decision to carry was made when I saw the baby.” She will parent her baby and is hoping it is a boy.

The next morning, Cary, 25, came to the clinic. She already had two children and did not want another baby so close in age to her 20-month-old child. She also changed her mind about abortion and left smiling and prepared to continue with her pregnancy.

Tina, an 18-year-old client with whom we had lost contact, stopped by the clinic for a visit. The last time I met with Tina, she was convinced that abortion was her only alternative.

I was delighted to learn that Tina had decided to carry her baby and was now six months pregnant. She had many obstacles to overcome, but stopped by DPRC to receive guidance and help. We were delighted to offer our support!

Katy, a 20-year-old, was determined to have an abortion and did not have time for a sonogram. Volunteers began praying for her. We told her we could do the sonogram in 15 minutes, and, after hesitating, she agreed.

We immediately saw her 18-week-old boy. She was surprised she was so far along and was thrilled to be having a boy! She decided to keep the baby!

What a great God we serve! We see His miracle of life everyday in our medical clinic.

Used with permission. Kay Morton is Nurse Manager of the Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center, Dallas, Texas.>

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