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Option Ultrasound Directors This area is for Pregnancy Resource Centers wanting to get started in the OUP program or needing information pertinent to the program.

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Revealing Life to Save Life

To date, tens of millions of preborn babies have been lost to abortion, and Focus on the Family has been laboring diligently to preserve the many other tiny lives that continue to hang in the balance. As we investigate ways to dissuade mothers-to-be from abortion, we've been extremely encouraged to learn that women who see their babies on ultrasound are far less likely to seek abortions than those without access to such an option.

In fact, a survey conducted by our Pregnancy Resource Ministry in the fall of 2003 revealed some astounding statistics. Out of 334 randomly selected pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) that were polled, 30 percent have ultrasound capability. These same centers reported that an average of 28 percent (and a median of 20 percent) of clients faced with a positive pregnancy test initially are abortion-minded. However, our survey results indicated that 79 percent of these clients (and a median of 90 percent ) decide to carry their babies to term after viewing an ultrasound. Given the sheer number of women passing through PRCs each year, it is conceivable that countless babies could be spared if more of these mothers had the benefit of an ultrasound.

According to the best estimates, however, only 350 of the United States' 2,300 PRCs have the capacity to perform ultrasounds. Because it is becoming increasingly clear that this technology carries the potential to save a significant number of lives, Focus on the Family proposes to help equip 650 additional PRCs with ultrasound machines between now and the year 2010. With the initial planning stages of this program already well underway, we anticipate being prepared to launch this endeavor sometime in 2004.

In order to help these PRCs sustain ultrasound capability, we are also aiming to train their staff members in the fundraising skills that will contribute toward underwriting the long-term needs associated with this service - such as additional staffing, increased insurance coverage, and modifications to office configuration.

Due to the substantial cost of each machine - approximately $25,000-$40,000 per unit - and the various expenses related to training PRC staff in the use of ultrasounds, Focus will require a measure of financial accountability from each PRC that receives a machine as a result of this program. Focus on the Family will be providing 80% of the ultrasound machine purchase or 80% of the training required if there is already a machine in place.

Participating centers must also demonstrate an adherence to the "Excellence of Care in Medical Clinics" standards developed by Focus on the Family's Physicians Resource Council.

We cannot think of a more important cause than defending life in the womb and protecting women from the devastating aftermath of abortion. With that in mind, we are looking forward to seeing all that the Lord will accomplish in the hearts of mothers who catch a glimpse of their little ones on the ultrasound screen in the months and years ahead.

Supporting Option Ultrasound ™

Focus on the Family welcomes any support you would like to provide for Option Ultrasound ™.

If you are interested in supporting this endeavor financially, please call 1-800-A-Family and reference Project # DEXULTRA.

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