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Because of You
A Heart Turned to Truth
Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the brink of despair."


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Jessie's Story

article image The idea of having an abortion disturbed Jessie. She prayed to God for three days that He would help her make the right decision.

The day of the abortion arrived quickly. Jessie found herself crying in the waiting room of the abortion clinic as she tried to fill out the paperwork.

She prayed as she struggled, “I know You don’t give us anything we can’t handle, but this is too much! Please take this choice out of my hands and help me do what is right.”

Jessie knew that God had been there for her before, but she had never heard Him in any tangible way, so she included her prayer, “Please help me to hear or see what You want me to do.”

Jessie prayed this prayer over and over and then went in for the mandatory ultrasound. She entered praying, “PLEASE God, help me. I don’t want to do this.”

The sonographer matter-of-factly gave her the news. “There are two babies.” It is TWINS!

Unbelieving, Jessie asked her three times, “Are you sure? Are you sure?! Are you sure?!!” It was at that point that Jessie had the spiritual experience of her life.

She described a complete feeling of calm coming over her body. All of her concerns and worries about having another child were lifted. She knew everything was going to be OK and she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was there. She had felt Him literally touch her soul.

He had made his answer to her prayer LOUD and CLEAR. Jessie exclaimed, “God knew what a horrible time I was having terminating one baby—so He gave me two!" I told the technician I was going home! For the first time that day I saw her smile.”

Through tears of joy, Jessie and I poured out our hearts to God that day, thanking Him for His goodness.

Every good story has an equally interesting epilogue, and there’s no exception here. Jessie and I walked on together through her pregnancy.

We met weekly to pray and study the Word, to laugh and to cry together. We watched in amazement as God answered so many prayers and we turned to Him when the pregnancy became difficult.

Eventually Jessie had to be hospitalized and on full bed rest in order to sustain her pregnancy. Jessie was strong and courageous in doing all she could to protect her babies from being born too soon, but God had a special plan for the timing for the babies’ births.

He would be glorified yet again and we would forever be reminded of his unsearchable grace in the gift of these children. A perfect little boy and girl were born on December 25, 2002.

Jessie doesn’t get much sleep these days and works harder than she ever thought she could, but she is truly blessed. She even has help from the father of the babies who has made a miraculous turn toward responsible fatherhood.

I was blessed in abundance to know Jessie and to walk with her in her time of need. I thank God for the chance to serve Him at A Hope Center.

I marveled later at how the ultrasound allowed Jessie to see life before her eyes and know it was God’s miracle. I'll always remember her words to me, “You can turn your back on a lot of things, but when you see the image move, you know it’s your baby!”

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