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Because of You
A Heart Turned to Truth
Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the brink of despair."


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Quiet No Longer

In desperate need of a job, I stumbled across an opening for a nurse practitioner at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas.

I interviewed for the job on a Friday and started work there on a Monday. I told the woman who interviewed me that I opposed abortion and wanted nothing to do with it.

She said there were only two clinics in the area that performed abortions. My job duties would not include working at either clinic. I prayed that God would somehow use me in spite of the guilt I felt for taking the job.

The clinic primarily served college-age population. We provided family planning exams, birth control and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. The staff consisted of two college-age women and myself.

The girls who answer "abortion," as an option for their pregnancy on the form they fill out receive referrals to another clinic in the area so they can make an appointment.

One day a pregnant girl came in with complaints of bleeding. I felt her abdomen and estimated the baby was 20 weeks along. When I listened for heart tones there was none. Because of the risk of sepsis from a fetal demise, I referred her to the emergency room where it was confirmed her baby had died. The woman called me the next day to thank me for caring for her and urging her to go to the ER.

Three days later the head Nurse Practitioner arrived at the clinic, demanding to know why I was allowing the patients to hear their babies’ heartbeats. She stated emphatically that it was not protocol to listen to fetal heart tones. She informed me that ultrasound was only used to know what type of abortion the doctors should perform.

I was told I could no longer work at the clinic because I was “not a good example” and “seemed to have a conflict with the true mission of Planned Parenthood.”

I walked out in shock and found myself entering the pregnancy resource center across the street. I stepped up to the front desk, told the ladies that I was a NP from Planned Parenthood and that I had just been busted for being "pro-life."

One of the staff said, “You must be the one! We thought we had a "plant" over at Planned Parenthood because of all the girls who have been referred from there these past few months.”

“I just let them know you were here in case they needed diapers or baby clothes or something,” I said. As I broke down in tears, they took me in that day and prayed over me, asking God to give me strength and peace.

Today, I no longer keep quiet about what goes on behind the closed doors of Planned Parenthood. I now work at a pregnancy resource center where I am free to help women make informed choices about their pregnancy. It has been such a blessing to be in a working environment where we save lives, not take them.

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<small><i>Used with permission.  Focus on the Family Physician Magazine, May/June 2004 </i></small><BR

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