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Because of You
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Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the brink of despair."


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Obedience, Not Results

“Can you tell me exactly when I got pregnant?” I hear this question a lot from girls in unplanned pregnancies as I train technicians to administer ultrasounds.

“Ultrasound isn’t an exact science. There is always a window of time that conception takes place," I responded. "We can’t know the exact moment the baby was conceived.”

Consumed by finding out who the father of her baby might be, she took no thought to the fact that a child’s life was hanging in balance.

The girl wasn't planning on a lifetime commitment from her one night stand.

To her, the reasoning was very logical. Separated from her husband, she deserved a little break from her responsibilities. “I already have a seven month old. I can’t keep this baby if it belongs to the second guy.”

Ridding herself of the “problem” with a routine abortion would be the solution to her unplanned pregnancy. No one would ever know her secret. Resisting my inclination to shake the girl and shout, “It’s not the child's fault! Can’t you see past yourself?” I quietly pray and seek God's Word.

Crisis situations like this are exactly what we pray for. “Bring abortion-minded women through our doors Lord,” we pray. Yet when the abortion-minded arrive, we can feel totally inadequate.

This time, the story had a happy ending. The girl chose life because the dates were right. She chose life based on the baby's gestational age. She chose life not because she valued him or her as a creation and a gift from God's hand, but because he or she had the "right daddy."

Sometimes I have to remind myself that my only job is to be obedient, to show the girls the life inside them. It sounds so simple, but there are days when being obedient is a difficult assignment.

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