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Option Ultrasound Directors This area is for Pregnancy Resource Centers wanting to get started in the OUP program or needing information pertinent to the program.

Because of You
A Heart Turned to Truth
Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the bring of despair."


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New Dates for Option Ultrasound™ Regional Information Meetings

Welcome to Focus on the Family's Option Ultrasound™ Program! We want to inform you of changes in the Regional Information Meetings.

Embracing the Challenge of Change

Learn about the challenges of change that Focus in experiencing and learn what this means for pregnancy resource centers.

Sonography Now Snippets

As on-site trainer for Focus on the Family's Option Ultrasound™ program, I am privileged to share some very touching scenes from mothers and fathers viewing their children on the ultrasound screen for the very first time.

Ministry Profile

Ministry Profile for Option Ultrasound

A Message From the Project Consultant

God has done so many new things in my life in my ten years as a pregnancy resource center director, both professionally and personally. Here is my message to pregnancy center directors

A Thank You Note

We would like to thank the Focus on the Family team for investing in centers across the nation.

About Option Ultrasound ™

Pregnancy Center Directors can read here to receive current updates about the Option Ultrasound ™ program

An Amazing 24 Hours in the Clinic

Read the stories of seven women who came to our clinic and whose hearts were changed, all during one 24-hour period.

Choice of a Lifetime

Making an abortion decision is more than "assuming" an abortion is a simple lunch-hour procedure. Making an informed decision about abortion involves gathering information

Client Ultrasound Success Stories

Does your pregnancy center have a testimony about how ultrasound has touched one of your clients?

Clinton, Iowa Comes Full Circle

After cutting the ceremonial ribbon, the audience joined in a chorus of "To God Be the Glory, Great Things He Has Done." They understood why the glory and honor goes to Him.

Competency Scans

This program is on-site, hands-on and provided by the Focus on the Family approved trainer, Sonography Now.

Definition of Abortion-Minded and Vulnerable

The abortion-minded woman is one who appears to be planning or intending to obtain an abortion.

Didactic Training

Ultrasound training is available for those wanting to be involved in some manner

First Day, First Client

“Just thought I’d let you know that the first client scheduled for an ultrasound training is abortion-minded. In fact, she’s already been to the abortion clinic, paid her money, and is scheduled to go back this week, on Wednesday.”

From Still-Life to Pro-Life

As I watched my daughter rolling and kicking and basically enjoying herself within the womb, my eyes were opened to the significance and value of life.

Guidelines for Performing Ultrasound Examinations in the Pregnancy Resource Clinic

Here are some guidelines for pregnancy resource centers to follow when doing ultrasounds

I Had No Idea

She entered the exam room with a smile so large the rest of her face seemed to disappear. I remember thinking, "How could she be so happy while contemplating having an abortion?"

Information About Option Ultrasound for PRC Directors

Pregnancy centers can read and submit the preliminary qualifications for receiving an ultrasound machine here

Iowa PRC Receives First Ultrasound

On May 7, the Clinton, Iowa Pregnancy Resource Center will become the first facility in the United States to receive ultrasound services through Focus on the Family’s new Option Ultrasound program.

Jessie's Story

Jessie was struggling with the most important decision of her life. She was pregnant and alone.

Jolene's Baby

Though Jolene hadn't made a final decision, she had a lot to think about after seeing her unborn baby sucking it's thumb and wiggling about in the in the ultrasound procedure.

Knit Together for a Purpose

Working as an obstetrical nurse for years, I explain to soon-to-be parents that their baby knows their voices before they are born

Knowledge Base for First Trimester Nursing

Listed below is a rudimentary list of topics nurses should consider in a pregnancy help clinic.

Meeting Us Where We Are

Tears rolled down her cheeks and settled on the pillow. Her face moved from the ultrasound screen to the eyes of the baby’s father.

Miracles Do Happen

We wanted the Focus staff and contributors who made the ultrasound machine in our clinic possible to know that your generosity has resulted in another birth for glory to God and another mother who will blessed with a choice for life. God bless you!

Obedience, Not Results

"Can you tell me exactly when I got pregnant?” I hear this question a lot from girls in unplanned pregnancies

Option Ultrasound Program

For 25 years, ultrasound has been an invaluable medical tool allowing us to highlight the reality of life inside the womb. Option Ultrasound Program is aiding the cause.

Option Ultrasound™ Donor Information

This is general information about Focus on the Family’s new Option Ultrasound™ program.

Option Ultrasound™ Update

In January of this year, Focus on the Family launched a new program for pregnancy centers that could dramatically increase the results of your lifesaving, life-transforming efforts.

Pregnancy Resource Ministry

I’m writing to give you a “heads-up” on an exciting project that our Pregnancy Resource Ministry here at Focus on the Family is embarking upon. Many of your centers already offer ultrasound services to your clients, so you’re aware of the impact it has.

Quiet No Longer

She informed me that ultrasound was only used to know what type of abortion the doctors should perform

Revealing Life to Save Life

Focus on the Family proposes to help equip 650 additional Pregnancy Resource Centers with ultrasound machines by the year 2010.

So Glad You Called

Does God call from heaven to work in people's lives? After reading this incredible story, you might want to believe He does!

Standards for Medical Clinics- Appendix

Discussion concerning Limited versus More Comprehensive Ultrasound Scanning

Suggestions for Policy and Procedure Manuals

Listing of suggestions for policy and procedures for pregnancy resource medical clinics

Supporting Option Ultrasound™

Focus on the Family welcomes any support you would like to provide for Option Ultrasound. ™

Tolerant Parents

The girl we prayed for showed up with her mom. The mom seemed surprised about her daughter’s pregnancy; however, she was not condemning towards her. Even though the mom didn’t believe in abortion, she left the final decision to her daughter

Ultrasound Images Help Mom Decide

Life Network and The Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center want to thank Focus on the Family for this incredible life-giving gift of an ultrasound machine

Ultrasound Impacts Lives

The lives of women, men and their unborn babies will be impacted each day as we utilize ultrasound to vividly show tiny hearts beating.

Ultrasound Prescreening Questionnaire

Here is the questionnaire that pregnancy centers must submit if they are interested in being part of Option Ultrasound.

Ultrasound Success Stories

Here are some comments from abortion-minded clients who changed their minds after viewing an ultrasound of their baby in a pregnancy resource clinic.

Ultrasound Testimonies

Read these poignant stories from those who have experienced the wonder of ultrasound first hand

Words Tell it All

“Scared, excited, apprehensive, miracle, and unbelievable”, those are the words used by medical personnel as they begin ultrasound training.


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