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Sanctity of Human Life Week, Jan. 15-22, 2006

December 2005
Hope for Orphans

Paul Pennington, director of Hope for Orphans, believes the problem of orphans can only be solved if the entire church gets involved. Find out why and how you can help.

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LIFE Rape, Pregnancy and Restoration

In 1995, Heather Gemmen's theology collided with the reality of life. Read this compelling interview transcript about her rape and subsequent pregnancy.

Prayers for "Be a Voice for Life"
Option Ultrasound FAQs
Ask the Victims
Adverse Pregnancy

HOPE If I End up Like Terri: An Open Letter to My Wife

These last few months have troubled me deeply. And I have a request that I hope you'll have the courage and strength to honor: If I ever become like Terri Schiavo, please don't put me through what she has endured.
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          LIFE Think About It Online

          Thinkaboutitonline.com was created to provide real answers. Our goal? To empower women to make a choice they can live with.

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          Find comprehensive, up-to-date information about life issues, whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or looking for research information. Read the best advice from Focus on the Family here.
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          LIFE Why We Chose Adoption

          Any day now, I'm going to be a dad. I'm so excited about fatherhood that I often catch myself daydreaming about it.

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          Ultrasound FAQs
          Snowflakes Enter Stem-Cell Debate
          Post- Abortion
          How to Help Others Struggling With a Past Abortion

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          Download Free Resources for Your ChurchEquip yourself and prepare your church to be a voice for the sanctity of human life. Find sermon outlines, downloadable posters and other free resources here.

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          Online Videos

          Online Videos To watch these videos you'll need Windows Media Player, which you can download here for free.

          Choice of a Lifetime
          Solid information about fetal development and abortion risks.

          Life Is Sacred
          A poignant reminder of the inestimable worth of every life.

          Clear Choice
          4-D sonogram shows live action view of 15-week-old fetus.

          2006 Bulletin Insert

          Call attention to Sanctity of Human Life Week with these striking, eye-catching bulletin inserts.


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