Pregnant? Considering Adoption or Parenting? Had an Abortion?

You are not alone. Talk to your pastor, parents, or a trusted friend to begin to build a support network and help you walk through the decisions and challenges ahead.

Consider Counseling Support
Focus on the Family offers one-time complimentary consultation from a Christian perspective. We also offer referrals for licensed Christian counselors in your area.

Christian Family Care Agency
Serves families in crisis through pregnancy assistance, foster care and adoption and family counseling.

Pregnancy Resource Centers
Get a pregnancy test, information, and counseling about pregnancy, adoption, and post-abortion healing from someone who has no financial interest in your decisions. Some clinics offer limited obstetric ultrasound. All services are free, non-judgmental and confidential.

  • Look in the yellow pages of your phone book under "Abortion Alternatives" for a Center near you, or
  • Go online to, click on "Find a Center" and enter your ZIP code

Pregnancy Decisions

First Things First
If you are pregnant and unmarried, a teenager living at home or perhaps away at school, right now you are probably afraid. Don’t despair. Your future is changed, but not finished.


It's Up to You
Now there are two lives to consider. Sound scary? If you know the steps, you can make wise decisions.

Abortion Risks
While abortion seems like a "quick fix" for a long-term problem, it is a permanent decision that carries physical, emotional and spiritual risks.


Adoption Decisions

Deciding About Adoption
When considering adoption as an alterative to raising your baby, these answers may dispel adoption myths.

Choosing the Best for Your Baby
Deciding whether to raise your baby as a single mother or make an adoption plan can be a difficult one. In the end, however, you are the one who should decide who can do the best job of raising your baby.


Post-Abortion Healing

Post Abortion Stress
Abortion often leaves anxiety, fear, shame and endless questions in its wake. If you’ve had an abortion, there is forgiveness, peace and hope for your future.

Taboo Grief: Men and Abortion
It's not something most men talk about, but the ones who've lost a child to abortion bear many scars.


Helping Your Pregnant Teen

The Benefits of Counseling for a Pregnant Teen 
It helps to have an objective person guide you through your decision-making process.

My pregnant daughter has her whole life still ahead of her. Would it be better for her to place her baby with a family through adoption, parent her baby or have an abortion?

When Your Daughter is Expecting 
She's pregnant. You're shocked. Here are some guidelines to help you through this unexpected time of confusion and heartache

When Your Son is the Father 
Guidance and encouragement can help when your son is involved in a teen pregnancy.

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