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Fundraising and Development

To many involved in Sanctity of Human Life Dept. work, the terms fundraising and development are synonymous. Understanding the difference between fundraising and development is important for long-term success in any pregnancy resource center. Fundraising and development are two distinct disciplines.

For many Executive Directors of PRCs, the very thought of “fundraising” can cause ulcers, hives, and all other sorts of maladies. It is my hope that this article will be a prescription for your ills and will become a source of motivation to learn more about the wonderful, exciting, fabulous, fulfilling, and breath-taking work of donor development.

PRC ministry is filled with people who are driven by a mission to minister into the lives of those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our pursuit of this mission is God-ordained, and His blessing has been proven countless times in many pregnancy centers around the world. The hard fact remains, regardless of the nobility of our mission, if there is no money, there is no mission.

In simple terms, fundraising tends to be event-driven, while development is relationship- driven. From a Biblical perspective, development can best be viewed as the opportunity to connect God’s people to God’s work. The PRC director with this approach to this vital area can actually begin to understand that development is an opportunity to minister, both to the needs of the ministry and to the needs of the donor.

Development builds a long-term reciprocal relationship with a donor that will assure repeated gifts over time to sustain your ministry, while at the same time blessing the donor. Development begins the moment a fund-raising event ends, for it is our response to the participants in our events (those sponsors, volunteers, banquet attendees, etc.) that determines the success of our budding development ministry. I hope you can see that the fundraising event should not be ignored, but it should never be the only source of contact with the participants.

As PRCs grow and become stronger voices in our communities, we are going to become ever more dependent upon those people who have committed to the long-term relationship with us. The process takes time and must be deliberate.

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