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Option Ultrasound Directors This area is for Pregnancy Resource Centers wanting to get started in the OUP program or needing information pertinent to the program.

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sleeping babyGiving a gift is easy. Simply follow our two-step process for safe, secure and private monthly donations.

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Three Ways One Board Member Can Raise $100 to $5,000

If board members are looking for new, innovative ways to raise money for their Pregnancy Resource Center but don’t know how, these simple fund-raising ideas can produce revenue for the organization.

  1. Host a dessert party in your home or business. On the invitation say that they will learn about the Pregnancy Resource Center and enjoy a great dessert. Clarify for them that they will learn about the pregnancy center but don't pressure them into making a contribution.

    Hold the party on a weeknight around 7 p.m. The day before the party, call everyone again and urge them to attend. Invite three or four other board members so they can learn how to host a dessert party themselves. Make or buy finger desserts, such as cookies or éclairs. At the party, have one client speak for three minutes about what the organization has meant to her. Next, ask a staff member to speak for another two minutes.

    Finally, explain to the group why you serve on the board and think the organization is important. Ask the group if there are any questions, and encourage your guests to make a contribution before leaving the party, if they feel the cause is worthwhile.

  2. Write a letter explaining why you volunteer your time at the Pregnancy Resource Center. Ask them to consider making a contribution to the organization, and let them know they can send the check to you or directly to the organization. Give your list of names to the staff and ask them to notify you immediately if they receive any contributions.

  3. With two or three other board members, pledge significant gifts. Then write a letter to the rest of the board showing your collective commitment: “We–Dave, Pat, Laura and Edgar–have pledged to give a combined total of $4,200 to our organization this year. We’re doing this because we believe in the life-saving work we're doing and we want to make sure we can do as much as we can. Won’t you join us in building the important work of our organization?

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