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Are You a Prisoner of Abortion?

Heartlink Article Image Consider which of the following might indicate that the abortion in your past still holds you prisoner. You may not like the reasons you see here, but be honest with yourself as you read over this list.
  • Pain Fear keeps you from facing the distress that will come with admitting the abortion was wrong.
  • Passing the buck
    Blaming others seems easier than facing your own responsibility for the abortion.
  • Penance You try to ease your hurt and guilt by helping others.
  • Pessimism You believe you will always feel as awful as you do today.
  • Politics It was the time.
  • Possessiveness You refuse to let it go and get on with your life.
  • Pragmatism Your attitude is that is happened, it's over, and that's that.
  • Pressing Problems More important issues in your life seem to outweigh the need to deal with the abortion.
  • Pride "I don't need any help dealing with the abortion."
  • Privacy You have a secret you hope no one else will find out about.
  • Procrastination "Put off until tomorrow what needs to be done today" is your motto.
  • Program Participant You rely on the support of others to help you feel better.
  • Promiscuity Continued involvement with the same lifestyle that led to the abortion keeps you in bondage.
  • Punishment You continually hurt yourself or others instead of seeking help with the healing.
Admit it. You really do want to be set free from the chains that bind you. You can begin today. The Choice is yours.
Are you being held prisoner by an abortion in your past? Whether you are a woman or man, the father, mother, grandparents, sibling, friend, or other relations to the aborted baby, please take a minute to list your specific reason(s) for not dealing with the abortion that has touched your life.

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