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Transracial Adoption

Minority pregnancies are at greater risk for abortion because women believe no families are available for their babies. God makes provisions for these “at risk” babies. Trans-racial adoption is one of those provisions. God is preparing the hearts and homes of families all across this nation to receive these children.
He has a special purpose and plan for the lives of these children and their families. It has been such a blessing to hear Caucasian families speak of how much adopting racially different children has enriched their lives. We see all colors harmoniously appearing in nature. This is the miracle of God’s creation. When we see a trans-racial family loving and living together in harmony, this, too, is God’s creation. Through these families, God is clearly showing that love has no racial boundaries.
Families who practice the following principles can be assured their adoptions will bring glory and honor to God.

Christian Principles for Trans-racial Adoptions

  • God has a special plan and purpose for every adopted child.
  • Adopted parents must help their children discover and fulfill their God-given destinies.
  • God is not a respecter of persons. He places children in families without regard to race or culture.
  • Trans-racial adoption is not a second-choice decision. It is a God-inspired blessing for the family and the adopted child.
  • God is sovereign. All expectations for a child should be directed to Him. Trust Him to work through people and agencies.
  • Families should pray daily for all those brought into the adoption process.
  • Christian fellowship and support from other trans-racial families are crucial. Children need to see other families like theirs.
  • Families should take considerable care to meet the unique physical needs of the children’s hair and skin.
  • Families must teach children that esteem comes from being created in the image of God, not from race or culture.
  • Parents and children can use their adoption as a platform to share the gospel. God had one begotten Son, Jesus. He adopted the rest of us.

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