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It's Not Just the Building

I thank the Lord for the telephone help line volunteers at the Pregnancy Care Center! Although I am an advocate and at times have received a few of "those" calls while at the center, I still was unprepared for a call I received late one evening at home, from a woman who had been an acquaintance of mine.

Suddenly, when she said, "I'm in a crisis pregnancy," the dynamics of our conversation changed. Her pregnancy, she said, was "complicating" her family's life. She and the father of the baby were seeking to terminate the pregnancy. However, she had promised a friend she would call me before going through with the abortion.

As I quickly searched my desk for materials that would have been right at my fingertips at the center, I found the booklet "What Does God Say about Abortion." I already knew this young woman attended a church that shared the love of Jesus and the preciousness of life.
As I began to read the scriptures to her, it was obvious she didn't want to hear them. She said, "The appointment has been made and I'm determined to go through with this." All I could think about was getting her into to the center, but I could tell she wasn't open to going.

The next morning, as soon as the sun was up, I called my director in a panic, and explained the situation. She prayed with me and we gave it to God. Or at least I tried. I began to contact others to pray. I forced myself to release her and her child into God's hands.

The day of the abortion arrived. Oh how I prayed…and asked others to pray also. That evening when I arrived home, I had a message on my answering machine. She urged me to call her back as soon as possible. With a sinking heart, I dialed her number. We made small talk at first and then…she began to tell me the most incredible story.

My friend and the father of her baby arrived at the abortion clinic early for her appointment. Amidst the Mercedes and BMWs in the parking lot, they sat in their car for some time.

Couples began to arrive for their appointments. These couples were holding hands and smiling as they entered the building; but when they returned to their cars, they seemed quite different. There appeared to be an attitude of unrelenting sadness surrounding the same couples as they drove away.

As the abortion-minded couple sat there, they became aware that neither of them were able to initiate the final move toward terminating their pregnancy, which was only to open the car door. They looked at each other and without saying a word, he started the car, backed out, and left the parking lot. She told me later that as they were on their way back home, "we agreed to trust God and have this baby."
All of this without stepping foot inside the pregnancy center! It was then I realized that the center is not just the building on the corner of Travis and Pecan--the center extends far outside its own walls.

The Pregnancy Care Medical Center in Sherman Texas, consists of the advocates, the telephone helpline volunteers, the support staff, the board members, the staff, the prayer warriors, the churches, those who donate baby items, and those who financially support us.

More important than our building, are the hearts and the prayers of those of us who listen to a woman in a crisis pregnancy. In His sovereignty, He can accomplish much through the prayers of His people--inside or outside the building.

Permission to reprint should be requested from the pregnancy center at (903) 893-9099 or email them at [email protected]

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