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Because of You
A Heart Turned to Truth
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Holding Hannah

The first five months of Carol Watts' second pregnancy were filled with moments of joy and anticipation: shopping, sharing the good news with family and friends and making room in drawers and closets. But now, in a matter of moments, a routine ultrasound turned her joy to deep concern. 

"We [my husband, Morgan and I] were told there were abnormalities in the baby's brain and three chambers in her heart," said Carol. The doctor recommended a follow-up exam with a specialist to perform an amniocentesis. While Trisomy 13, a condition in which there is the presence of an extra #13 chromosome was a concern, the results were more than Morgan or Carol anticipated.

"Rather than have one pair tripled, all 23 pairs of chromosomes were tripled," said Carol. "The baby had 69 chromosomes rather than the normal 46, a condition called Triploidy."

Holding on to dear life

"You have to make a decision. Will you terminate the pregnancy?"

The doctor's question brought an ocean of tears to Carol's eyes and she crumbled. "I just broke down." 

In spite of the pain of what might lay ahead, the Watts family stayed true to their belief that God is always in control. "In our minds, the doctors cushioned the word 'abortion' by saying we should 'induce early.'"

"Throughout the pregnancy, I needed to pray God's will. I hated to see a baby die. It was never as issue to terminate the pregnancy." Carol does admit that it wasn't an easy trial. "You do want it to be over. It's difficult not knowing the unknown. But, we have no right to end life."

A close friend prayed that the doctor wouldn't continue to push for abortion. Perhaps it was Carol's tears that moved her doctor to compassion. She never mentioned it again and Carol and Morgan held on to Hannah's dear life.

Months roll by

As time rolled by, surprise surrounded Hannah's development. "Every time we had a checkup, the doctor said, 'You probably won't make it another month,'" said Carol.

But, sixteen more weeks passed after the initial diagnosis until it was time for Hannah's birth.  "The baby was breech because her head was disproportionately larger than her body. Because of this, we realized that if we tried to go through delivery, the umbilical cord would become pinched and she would suffocate to death. We couldn't stand to watch that happen. So, we chose C-section." Even though Carol and Morgan knew that Hannah might not live, they wanted to give God a chance to intervene.

Psalm 139:13-16 came alive for the couple during the pregnancy. "It validated that God didn't just put some cells in my womb and leave them. He was actively knitting our child together. God created this life, even if she was not perfect in man's eyes, she was in God's," said Carol.

Many people couldn't understand. Some even asked, "Wouldn't an abortion be easier?"  Carol and Morgan disagreed. "We believed that she was in God's hands and we had to do everything to protect her even though we didn't know if we would see her alive."

Holding Hannah

Hannah entered the world weighing 2 lbs. 11 oz. Her heart rate was only sixty beats per minute, while a normal rate is between one-twenty and one-fifty. A moving moment came when Hannah cried—an indication that she was certainly God's own, a life with emotion and soul.

Supportive family and friends gathered around to share in Hannah's life. Morgan, Carol and their two-year-old daughter, Tessa, held Hannah for eight hours.

Then, she went home to be with Christ.

Are there any regrets? Definitely not.  Morgan and Carol's obedience to God has been a testimony to many, including Morgan's stepmother. While facing the prospect of developing blindness in her second eye she said, "If you can have that kind of strength, I can too."

Hannah's story is not over. It is still being written in God's presence. And, when Carol and Morgan are reunited with their daughter in heaven, they will have a lot to talk about in the absence of the painful memories.

Shana Schutte is an editor for Focus on the Family's Internet department.

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