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Option Ultrasound Directors This area is for Pregnancy Resource Centers wanting to get started in the OUP program or needing information pertinent to the program.

Because of You
A Heart Turned to Truth
Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the bring of despair."


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Holding Hannah

The first five months of Carol Watts' second pregnancy were filled with moments of joy. Now doctors said she should consider an abortion because of birth defects. What should she do?

Reflections on the Sago Mine Tragedy

I got the call from home late in the afternoon. “You have to turn on the news” A cord of compassion vibrated within me when I learned about thirteen trapped miners.

Peaches and God’s Faithfulness

Following my resignation, I questioned God daily. “You know I have a heart to help women choose life. Why won’t You use me? Why can’t I serve You?”

Beth Kraiss: A Voice for Those with Special Needs

In the 1950's Beth Kraiss believed that people with special needs were "non-persons." Learn how God changed her heart and gave her a vision to minister to this group that is close to God's heart.

Obedience Brings Blessings

Kathleen, a drug-addicted teen, living on the street is "adopted" by a woman named Nora and her husband, Don. Learn how Nora's love brought both Kathleen and her brother to Christ.

A Life Worth Living

Sixteen years ago, a skiiing accident left medical student Glen House paralyzed. In spite of the opinions of some following his accident, his life is still worth living. He is now a voice for those others who face paralysis.

A Day in the Life of a Director

Some days are better than others here are at the center. In just the past two days I've seen so much damage to the human soul. I've come to realize we cannot be careless in our words or actions to our children, for these mold and shape them for all eternity.


When “Sue” visited Choices Medical Clinic for a pregnancy test, our staff was ready to help. Devastated from the death of her toddler and a subsequent miscarriage involving twins, we offered practical advice and comfort.

Go Behind Us--They'll Help You!

Crisis Pregnancy Center Central opened its doors in Houston, Texas, March 1997. Since that time it has seen over 4,400 clients. The center is unique because of its strategic location

It's Not Just the Building

I thank the Lord for the telephone help line volunteers at the Pregnancy Care Center! Although I am an advocate and at times have received a few of "those" calls while at the center, I still was unprepared for a call I received late one evening at home, from a woman who had been an acquaintance of mine.

Justice for All-An Outdoor Pregnancy Outreach

A former PRC director shares her experiences with Justice for All, an outdoor pregnancy outreach on the college campus.

My Esther Moment

It was Sanctity of Life Sunday and I struggled with an invitation I had been given to speak at my church. "Why pick me, God?" I asked. I am just a mom, just a professional volunteer. Driving and being available are My strongest credentials.


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