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Because of You
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Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the bring of despair."


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New Pro-Life Teen Web site

For six months, the Rosetta Foundation has been advertising a new Web site for teens,, on Google through the keywords "abortion", "teen abortion" and "teen pregnancy." When a keyword search is done on abortion, bringing up over 10 million Web sites, is outbidding the abortion clinics and pro-abortion groups for that all-important first place spot.

Each month, has averaged over 3 million hits, over 50,000 visits, and over 1,000 cyber connections by pregnant girls on With a budget of $15,000 per month, remains in first place for these three keywords all day on weekends. However, on weekdays when teens are in school and have greater access to internet, this budget allows to outbid the abortion clinics until about noontime. When the funds are gone, the abortion sites take over again. Plans are to raise additional funds to remain in place all day, every day.

Rosetta Foundation President, Sandra Faucher, has been the National Project Director for The Caring Foundation and has extensive experience in researching Generation Y, currently between the ages of 8 and 24. is based upon comprehensive research to reach this specific target audience.

Mrs. Faucher states, "Science has now confirmed that pro-life and pro-abortion values, like other values are established between the ages of 10 and 20. As one researcher states, 'the brain you get as an adult is the brain you "wire" as a teen.' Since Generation Y is 60 million strong, compared to the 17 million in Generation X, reaching Generation Y is our best opportunity for changing the culture on the abortion issue." is receiving daily e-mails from pregnant teens announcing, "This site saved my baby," or students professing a change of heart on their abortion position. A sampling of these comments are below.

Abortion Prevention

I am 16 years old and 8 weeks pregnant. It was unexpected, and the father wants nothing to do with it. He suggested I get an abortion. Abortion is not on my list of values or beliefs, but I did think about it because of my situation. I finally decided to look at a web site that shows the cons of abortion. After seeing those pictures and reading those stories, I don't see how abortion can still be legal. ABORTION IS HOMICIDE. I could never live with killing a baby, born or unborn. I recommend to young girls to consider ALL your options before an abortion. This site has completely changed my perspective about it. If you can't raise the baby, at least try to give it to a relative or put it up for adoption. But look at the pictures and read the stories. I GUARANTEE you will change your mind. --Jenna (age 16)

I think this (Teenbreaks) Web site is really neat. My friend Theresa was considering abortion until she looked at the girl who died at 18. She decided to go ahead and have the baby. Thanks for helping save my friend's baby. We are both very grateful. --Marie (age 16-19)

Thank you so much for! Recently, my fiance's 16-year-old sister became pregnant. In looking for information I stumbled upon your site. I'm very happy she's keeping the baby, and through this site I became extremely excited about supporting her through her pregnancy. I wish every girl out there could find the joy that mistakes can bring. Thank you! --Kelly (age 20-23)

Abortion Education

I just wanted to say the info on abortion really opened my eyes and the eyes of my fellow students. I looked up on your site for info on abortion, and I got everything I needed! --Tawna (age 13-15)

I think this is a great web site to visit to get help or info on abortion. I wish all teens would visit this web site at least once. It is also a good info center for school projects. --Megan (age 13-15)

The reason I turned to this web site was because I had a research project, and I thank God I chose this site. --Takia (age 16-19)

Abortion Pictures

I really think this is a good web site. I am doing a project on abortion for my class. I am a Christian, so I wasn't in doubt about it. I just thought that it was the woman's decision, and who are we to judge? But, when I saw those pictures, I couldn't believe it. I'm speechless! Thanks for bringing me back to reality --Juanita (age16-19)

I think this web site is awesome! The pics are good graphics and great for school papers. I love that you people don't treat us like little little kids! --Veronica (age 13-15)

I cried when I saw the abortion pictures. O, my God! I can't believe someone would do that! --AbbieLena (age 13-15)

Post Abortive Teens

This is my first time on since I had my abortion. I'm just glad that you have this web site, and now I visit every time I think about my unborn child that I wish I hadn't aborted. I cry almost every night thinking about it. I'm just happy that this web site is out so that I can read other people's stories and also write about my own situation. I've never really talked to anyone about how I feel since I had my abortion. I just want to come to this web site when I need to write something about how I feel. --Denise (age 16-19)

(Note: Denise was referred for post-abortion counseling.)

Teen Referrals

I think this is a very good web site. One reason is because it seems like everyone around me in my age group is pregnant or think they may be. I will refer them to this web site in case they have any questions or worries. --Stephanie (age 16-19)

I think this web site is great for young girls trying to make this life-changing decision. My best friend is pregnant, and she wants to have an abortion and doesn't want to tell her mother anything. I am definitely going to give her this web address. Thank you! --Shannon (age 13-15)

Print Materials

Print materials to promote is the most efficient and cost effective way to reach this most receptive generation with the pro-life message. At a cost of only thirty cents each, is the most efficient and cost effective way to reach this most receptive generation with the pro-life message.

For more information visit

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