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Because of You
A Heart Turned to Truth
Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the bring of despair."


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Why I Volunteer at My Local PRC

To help you understand the motivation I have for volunteering at my local pregnancy resource center, let me share what the girls who come there have taught me.

When I sit down with a client who finds out she has a positive pregnancy test and listen to her sob uncontrollably, I understand this is an issue which goes beyond the political, intellectual, or societal philosophy or debate.

Does the girl who is literally shaking because of her worries and fears, become relieved or healed because the law states she has the freedom to choose whether her baby should live or not? The girls I've spoken with are lonely, uncertain, afraid, anxious, numb and hard. They harden their hearts because of the hurt they feel inside. Many come from broken families and relationships. They struggle to understand what God could possibly have to do with their personal lives. Most have no understanding of who Jesus is or what His purpose is. They cannot even fathom what abundant life means. In the pregnancy resource center, I see a tremendous need for the revelation of Jesus to lost souls. Every client that comes in is encouraged to focus on Christ and reconcile with God."

The pregnancy resource center I volunteer with is a ministry where sincere love for clients and one another is shared. There is Christ centered unity which reaches beyond the scope of denominations. These are some of the worthwhile reasons I volunteer at my local pregnancy help center.

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