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My world as I knew it came crashing down the day the home pregnancy test read positive. My first thoughts were "I'm only 18 years old and a freshman in college. How could I possibly have a child?" and "I barely know this baby's father." In my mind, this was the worst thing that could have happened, so naturally, I started thinking the worst thoughts: My mother is going to yell; My dad is going to freak out; I'm going to disappoint my entire family! I started to think of ways to prevent this from happening. Immediately, abortion came to mind.

I started calling abortion clinics to get all the information I needed. All the places I called seemed to be too busy to talk and had very little information or just simply didn't care what I was going through. I went online to search for better clinics and found the Pregnancy Resource Center. I called them right away, and there was a concerned woman wanting to help me.

When I went to the Pregnancy Resource Center in Evansville, I filled out a few short forms and they got me right in. A young woman, Keren, started to ask me a few questions. I was so upset and emotional that I began to cry uncontrollably. Keren cared so much about me and what I was going through, that she stopped questioning and started talking with me.

We talked for at least an hour about EVERYTHING — the baby's father, my parents, what I wanted to do about being pregnant—everything! I told her I was deeply considering getting an abortion because I felt like it was my only option. We talked about abortion and what it means. We also talked about alternative options, like adoption and even being a mother. I remember thinking, "Wow, that word has never sounded so scary — Mother!'"

At the PRC, I didn't feel pressured to keep the child. Keren simply told me, "Abortion is not your only option, and we are going to see you through this difficult time." She made me feel like I had someone to turn to, even if my parents didn't accept me. I didn't feel like she was trying to persuade me; she was only helping me realize what I knew all along—that abortion is not the "easy way out."

After talking with Keren for awhile, she asked me if I wanted an ultrasound. I was a little reluctant to see this, this "thing" in my stomach, but I agreed to do it. The ultrasound tech prepared me, and then, there it was. I saw the "thing" in my stomach turn into MY child inside of me. We found that the precious life in my stomach was 11 weeks old and jumping all around in there. Jokingly, one of the ladies in the room said, "Did you eat lots of sugar today?" This was the point where I realized that I was not going to kill this child, but this child was mine and I was going to be, dare I say it, a mother! I knew with the help of the PRC and Keren that I could make it through this.

The only thing now was to face my biggest fear and tell my parents. I told my mom first, and after the initial shock, she was actually excited. Then, my mother and I sat down with my father and I told him. The one thing I remember him saying was, "Kim, you are my little girl and I love you. There is nothing you could possibly do that would make me love you any less." There were a lot of tears, but I'm very fortunate to have such supportive parents.

Now, that tiny little jumping bean is the most beautiful, intelligent little 2-year old girl. Her name is Olivia Grace. She has blonde hair, like her mom, and green eyes. Her favorite food is spaghetti and she loves chocolate milk. She enjoys watching the history channel with me and adores Disney Princesses. This little girl was the beginning of my life, not the end. She is my everything, and it all started with a little glance at an ultrasound. I don't know what I would have done if I had not gone to the Pregnancy Resource Center and seen the ultrasound of Liv. What I do know is I would have a life-long feeling of regret if I would have aborted my child, but I will never regret having her.

Kimiko visited Pregnancy Resource Center.

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All Pregnancy Medical Clinics in the Option Ultrasound Program provide limited obstetrical ultrasound as medically indicated.  Clinics are licensed to operate under the supervision of a physician, using only trained sonographers. Focus on the Family does not endorse the use of ultrasound outside of a medical clinic setting and does not endorse the use of ultrasound for non-medical reasons.  Patient referrals are made to physicians for follow-up diagnosis and care as needed.

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