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Adverse Pregnancy Diagnosis

Having a baby is a wonderful event in any family's life. But when an adverse pregnancy diagnosis is received from a physician, parents don't know where to turn — and friends and family may not know what to say or how to help. Here are some helpful resources, many prepared by medical professionals who work with families facing the prospect of their baby's death, as well as some links to blogs created by families who have walked this journey themselves.

As in most medical situations, it is always wise for parents to consider a second opinion before they make a final decision about their pregnancy.

Related Videos
  • Todd and Angie Smith
    Her mother's ultrasound midway through pregnancy revealed that little Audrey Caroline had physical problems that would make her life a very brief one. Her parents, Todd and Angie Smith, are being featured on Weekend Magazine during the month of May. Click here to watch a short slideshow in honor of Audrey Caroline's life, featuring the song, "I Will Carry You."

  • Handle With Care: For parents facing perinatal loss
    In this multi-part video, Todd and Angie Smith talk about why they decided to carry their baby to term in the face of a fatal diagnosis, as well as how they helped their children to understand, and what friends and family can do to help.

  • Perinatal Hospice: Pearl's Story
    This touching Focus TV Spot features an interview with Laura and Josh Huene sharing how they honored the life of their daughter, Pearl, who died at birth.

  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation
    A moving feature that was aired on the Today Show about professional photographers who volunteer their services to capture keepsake photos for families whose babies are stillborn or who die soon after their birth.
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  • Pearl
    There is no more decision to be made. We are going to honor Pearl's life by carrying her for as long as my body will allow

  • The Journey of a Lifetime...
    For some parents, joy can suddenly be replaced with heartache and despair when the unexpected news comes that their much loved unborn baby has a serious medical condition.

  • Just a Matter of Time
    Mary, the sonographer, immediately stopped the scan. The parents glanced at each other with worried looks. "Is something wrong with our baby?"

  • Brenden Has Arrived
    My stance of pro-life means I promote life in all situations, even in cases of lethal congenital anomaly. I stopped and prayed, asking the Lord to give me the wisdom and ability to assist this couple to choose life for their unborn son.

  • Why Carry a Dying Child?
    Poignant reasons a dying baby should be allowed to live.
Related Resources

  • Weekend Magazine Interview
    Laura Huene and Tammy Tate (both RNs specializing in perinatal hospice) share how parents can make meaningful decisions that honor and validate the life of their precious baby and discuss ways that friends and family can provide support.

  • Journey of a Lifetime guidebook
    From creating birth plans to ideas for special keepsakes, this is a valuable resource to help a family facing an adverse diagnosis to plan, celebrate and honor their baby's lifetime. Click here to find out how to order this compassionate guide.

  • Planning a Memorial Service for Your Child
    Todd and Angie Smith share the orders of service they used for the memorial and burial services honoring their baby, Audrey, in hopes that it might give grieving parents someplace to begin when planning a service to honor their own child.

  • When Love Wins
    Your pregnancy check-up has revealed that there's a problem with your baby, and you have decisions to make. This downloadable, pdf booklet offers information, encouragement and testimonies that we hope will help you make good choices for you and your baby.

Related Organizations and Web sites
  • Carolina Perinatal Support Network was established to provide a bridge of support for families experiencing an adverse prenatal diagnosis that will likely result in a preborn or newborn death.

  • String of Pearls
    Resources, services and hope for the journey from a nurse and a mother learned what it means to honor life, through her daughter, Pearl.
  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation
    All life deserves to be honored, no matter how short. That's what these phenomenal volunteer photographers are doing each time they help a family in need.

  • A Quiet Refuge brings healing to hurting families, providing them a way to honor and remember the life of their little one.

  • FAQs
    More information about perinatal hospice services and links to programs around the USA.

  • Rescue Now
    From diagnosis to long term support, these courses are designed for medical and non-medical people who have compassion for those experiencing pregnancy loss on any level. CEUs available for qualified professionals.

  • Find a Pro-Life Doctor
    • The American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists can refer you to a pro-life physician in your state. You can access this information on their Web site at

    • You can also find a Christian doctor by searching Christian Medical and Dental Associations Web site at
Other Families' Stories

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