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Because of You"Several years ago my drinking brought my family to the bring of despair."


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Do's and Dont's for PRC Web sites

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According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the statistical gathering arm for Planned Parenthood, the highest abortion rate is among women 18 to 19 years old. At this stage of life many are enrolled in college. The typical college age woman is known as an "independent woman." She is characterized by her confident, independent and eclectic style. Before she makes a decision she wants information. To make an informed choice, she is known to gather data from the Internet. Because time is a factor to this "independent woman," she is naturally attracted to visually stimulating and concise Web sites. Here are a few "Dos and Don'ts" making your CPC Web site more effective.


  • Focus on Your Target Audience:
    This is vital to effectively conveying the CPC message.

  • Incorporate Real-Life Photos:
    This will allow the target audience to identify with the women portrayed.

  • Use ethnically diverse pictures.
    Pictures should display a confident hopeful woman.

  • Attractive Color Schemes:
    The use of sunlight will portrays hope.
    Background colors should be earth tones and pastels. These colors are inviting and restful.

  • Catching Visual Images:
    Get the attention of the viewer using changing, fading and moving images.

  • Create a User Friendly Web Pages:
    Have organized, uncluttered photos and information on the Web page.

  • A side bar should have no more than 6 to 10 links pertaining to Web page.

  • Make sure that information about resources and services are easily accessible.

  • Provide general directions to your center along with a contact phone number.

  • Educate the Perspective Clientele: Give factual and concise information that will allow women to make an educated decision.

  • Advertise the classes and incentives that are offered at your center.

  • Use Quotations and Statistics:
    Surprising statistics add to the message you are trying to convey. Incorporate quotes from authoritative sources.
    Provide testimonies and/or quotations from clients.

  • Impacting Slogan:
    Invent a simple, impacting phrase that will capture your target audience. Reinforce your slogan throughout the Web site.


  • Do Not Use Bold Color Tones for the Web site Background:
    Examples are black, red and fluorescent colors.

  • Do Not Use Traditional Text:
    Use various fonts and colors. Stay away from black text on white background if possible.

  • Do Not Focus on Sorrow and Sadness.
    Throughout the Web site instill hope in the potential client.

  • Do Not Minimize Your Web Site's Potential: Avoid making the font size too small and lengthy explanations pertaining to the information.

  • Do Not Use Advertisements that Might Take Away From Your Center's Message.

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